After the success of SaintJohn365 in reaching folks from all over the world interested in seeing pictures and learning about life today in Canada’s oldest incorporated city, I thought about where I would go from here, as an amazing platform was created to share my passion.  It garnered many comments, likes and some media attention from CBC and the Telegraph Journal, and support from tourism platforms such as Explore Canada, New Brunswick Tourism, and Discover Saint John.

Just over one year after the ‘Photo 365’ project focused specifically on Saint John and the surrounding area was completed, an opportunity to resurrect the platform arrived.  As a struggling supply teacher in New Brunswick, I was presented with a full-time opportunity in Alberta, Canada within driving distance to one of my ‘bucket-list’ destinations, the Rocky Mountains.  It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up, not only because as a newer teacher in New Brunswick, it will most likely be years before I secure a full-time classroom despite government promises regarding how important they see education, but because it would be an adventure, and I’m always up for adventure.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized how great this opportunity would be for my photography as well, and I would finally get to see this amazing country in all of its vastness and beauty.  Thus, OhCanada365 was born, and I very much hope you enjoy, subscribe, engage with my posts and share with your friends and family.  Thank you to anyone who is supporting my passion and sharing in my love for Canada, nature, hiking, and photography.


As a photographer, from Saint John, New Brunswick, I have never taken on a ‘Photo 365,’ or ‘Photo-A-Day’ project before, though I always thought of them as an interesting and creative way of exploring the art.  Over the last few months I pondered how I could approach this type of artistic journey, and knew that I wanted some order to my project, should I choose to do it.  There would need to be a theme and a purpose I could connect passionately with.

One thing I have noticed lately, is that with the struggling economy affecting many Saint Johners, and New Brunswickers in general, some people tend to lose sight of the natural and historical treasures we live with over here on the east coast of Canada.  The majesty of the Bay of Fundy is a shining example; and the amazing sculptures carved out of our coastline by the highest tides in the world.  An abundance of lakes, streams, rivers, straits, waterfalls and wildlife all contribute to a land of immense hidden beauty.  If one were to set a value on such things, despite economic struggles, New Brunswickers would be among the richest citizens in Canada.

Beyond the natural beauty of the land, places like Saint John lie at the roots of Canadian history.  One thing I don’t hear about enough is the fact, it is the OLDEST incorporated city in Canada.  It has many secrets, and the history is etched into the skyline.  Being a photographer, that is so intimately connected to these historical roots, sharing it with the world is something I am passionate about, and don’t feel has happened nearly to the extent I would like it to be, despite it’s importance.  While many leaders focus on the race to extract as much gas, oil and other resources from the land as the key to turning around the New Brunswick economy, assuming environmental risks attached to such projects to be a worthwhile trade-off, I personally believe a successful New Brunswick and Maritimer future could actually lie in the tourism industry.  There is much treasure here, and in a world of industry and technology, I want people to recognize that we are also a haven of natural wonders and Canadian history.

Thus my ‘Photo 365′ project was born, ‘SaintJohn365.’  A year through a photographer’s lens, in the oldest incorporated city in Canada.  Beginning today, June 30, 2014, one picture per day will be posted on this blog that was taken in Saint John or it’s surrounding area, for the next 365 days.  One year, my 30th year on this planet, and Canada’s 147th since Confederation.  I hope you enjoy, subscribe and share with friends and family across Canada and beyond.

Christopher Gardner



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