365 – “Been Around the Country and I I I…”

Well it’s been quite the journey and more work than you think documenting that journey for followers of OhCanada365.  I left New Brunswick looking for new opportunities across our great nation of Canada and the rewards were immeasurable.  Within Canada, I came face to face with some of the most beautiful scenes on Earth.  For me, travel is so important to your mind and soul, that no matter what you must make it happen.  Your life is meant to take risky, exciting and adventurous.  In those travels, never forget the importance of being a tourist in your own city, province and country as well.  You just may be quite surprised with the spectacular results.  I hope you enjoyed my cross Canada journey, and once again I bid you adieu!


If you want to stay in contact in the future and follow my photography beyond this travel blog, I urge you to check out and subscribe to my official website chrisbgardnerphotography.com


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