166 – The Forbidden Emerald Isle

Located at the mouth of the Saint John Harbour is probably one of the most mysterious destinations in all of the Maritimes, ‘Partridge Island’ aka Canada’s ‘Emerald Isle.’  The island, with its illustrious history, still contains a working lighthouse, but is cut off from tourists and the public.  Thousands of immigrants were quarantined here, died and were buried on the island.  The island was also used as a military outpost at one point.  The dream is that one day, ‘Harbour Passage’ will continue all the way to ‘Partridge Island’ and once again become accessible to the public, as it is sure to be a hot spot for tourists all over the world.  Many of the underground bunkers, medical rooms, remnants of buildings and a celtic cross can still be found on the island, and the local youth often risk injury crossing the breakwater to access this mysterious relic of the Maritimes past.  I’ve even made my way over a couple times to grab some snapshots.



Partridge Island on Vice


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