14 – Shook by Inuksuit

There is not a seasoned Canadian explorer in existence that is a stranger to the mysterious ‘Inukshuk.’  It is a stone monument that originated in Inuit culture as a means of communicating that someone was here, or that you are on the right path.  The term Inukshuk means ‘in the likeness of a human’ in the Inuit language.  In recent years the Inukshuk has ‘gone viral,’ as they would say, and armies of Inuksuit have popped up at tourist destinations all over Canada.  This has led to administrators at Canadian parks such as Gros Morne National Park and Killarney Provincial Park asking visitors to stop the ‘invasion.’  According to Parks Canada, it is illegal to collect or disturb rocks, as they seek to preserve national parks for future generations.  However, it is pretty clear that Canadians love building Inuksuit.  What are your thoughts on the topic?


This photograph was snapped on the most northwestern tip of Prince Edward Island, perhaps an Inukshuk general, with an entire army on the beach below it.


Inukshuk Gallery

Gros Morne National Park Tells Guests ‘No More Inukshuks’

Woman Sues Town After Being Injured by an Inukshuk

Newfoundland Hiker Has No Problem With Inuksuit and Cultural Appropriation

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