1 – Down by the Bay

It all started next to the incredible Bay of Fundy, on the east coast of Canada.  That’s where I was born and raised, looking on at the highest tides in the world in awe since as long as I can remember.  I went to school there, graduated from two universities there, became a teacher there and discovered my artistic passions there.  It’s been about seven years now since I began investing in photography, learning and experimenting with it, offering my services to events and shooting family and wedding portraits all over New Brunswick.  It has taken me to many great places, allowed me the opportunity to shake hands and photograph many great people, celebrities and locals alike and even brought me some media attention.  As I begin my journey across Canada, thus launching OhCanada365, it seemed only fitting that the project starts with a strong image of the Bay of Fundy in all its glory, because no matter how far I travel or what appears inside my lens, I will never forget where I come from.


This image was captured near the St. Martin’s caves, about a forty minute drive from uptown Saint John, New Brunswick.  Most locals know of the St. Martin’s caves and walking the ocean floor at low tide, but what many may not realize is that if you walk up the road past the main caves which are next to a restaurant boasting ‘World Famous Chowder,’ and take a jaunt down the first dirt road on the right you can hike across the top of the caves.  There are several lookouts along this road/trail with great views, and if you keep following it for just a few minutes you are rewarded with an AMAZING view of the Fundy Coast, a beach, cliffs and other lesser known caves.  It is an area that really displays the greatness of the Bay of Fundy.


The Caves Restaurant

St. Martin’s Sea Caves

Tidal Chart

Bay Of Fundy: Canada’s Natural Wonder

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  1. Annette Sullivan says:

    Amazing photograph, looking very forward to see what you capture through your lens as you drive across Canada!!

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