Big News for SaintJohn365 Fans!!!

Well, it’s been nearly one year since SaintJohn365, a photographic account of 365 days in Canada’s oldest incorporated city, came to a close.  As a photographer I was very inspired by the response it received, gaining some media attention and receiving hits and comments from folks all over the world.  People fell in love with some of the breathtaking images of the city and the nearby area I was able to capture.  It was a tribute to our charming east coast lifestyle; with goals that included sharing some of our amazing hidden gems with the world, and inspiring those that call New Brunswick home to get out and become tourists in their own province.  I believe the year-long project achieved some success in what it set out to do, revealing an area rich in geological and historical treasure (***If this is your first time visiting this site, be sure to check out some of the posts previous to this one, to find amazing things to do and see in southern New Brunswick this summer).

Now, one year later, the perfect opportunity has arrived for me to revisit this platform where I can share my photography with my fellow East Coasters, and lovers of Canada, North America, and the natural world.  I have recently accepted a full-time position in Education on the west coast of Canada.  It is a great opportunity for both my career in education, and passion for photography, as I will be living within driving distance to arguably some of the greatest adventures, sites and wildlife Canada and the world has to offer.

Thus my planning begins, as I prepare for my drive across this great nation in August, from the heart of the Port City to Slave Lake, Alberta, taking the time to see the sites and capture as many beautiful images as I possibly can along the way.  Some of the destinations already on my list include Niagara Falls, Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, Regina, Moose Jaw, Calgary, Banff and Lake Louise, before I settle in to a new home in late August on the banks of Lesser Slave Lake.  Of course I felt this would be the perfect platform to share these images and this journey.  The site has been re-branded ‘OhCanada365,’ and I very much hope to hear from each and all of you about what you think of my photographic journey as a Maritimer heading out to see / visit / experience / work on the west coast of Canada for his first time EVER!  Look for the first exclusive photograph to arrive on the website mid-to-late August.  Cheers, enjoy your summer, and go outside and EXPLORE!!!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mary Furlong says:

    I can’t wait for your new pictures from your trip across Canada.

  2. Melissa Smith says:

    We’ll miss your East Coast photos but good luck to you and can’t wait to see what adventures you find along your journey!

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