340 – Experience Our Natural Heritage


“The quality of life in New Brunswick is enhanced by a network of natural areas that are the finest examples of the province’s natural heritage – undeveloped and protected forever.”                                                                                               -Nature Trust of New Brunswick’s Vision Statement

I snapped this picture at the Irving Nature Park, where the Deer and Seal Trails cross at a small picnic area.  It was here I decided to set up the portable Coleman BBQ, break out the picnic basket and cook dinner after a day of hiking.  Hot Italian sausages and potatoes in butter with; onions, green pepper, roasted paprika and rosemary, wrapped in tinfoil.  *Drool.  Here we enjoyed the chattering of squirrels at the feeders a few feet from the picnic table, and looked out into the Bay of Fundy at Manawagonish Island.  The island is part of a nature preserve, that includes Thumb Cap Island, entrusted to the ‘Nature Trust of New Brunswick,’ as an important sanctuary for seabirds.  The island is only accessible by boat, and would make for a great kayaking destination minutes from the Saint John city-center, but visiting is discouraged between May and August, as it may disturb seabirds during breeding season.

About the ‘Nature Trust of New Brunswick – http://www.naturetrust.nb.ca/wp/who-we-are/

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