332 – Loyalist Plaza


This shot was taken at the Market Square Boardwalk, looking across the now barren, snow-covered ‘Loyalist Plaza’ towards Water Street and the ‘Old Red Schoolhouse.’  It’s a beautiful sight, and just the colourful winter image I was looking to capture.

There’s something else I see here too though, potential.  That little red schoolhouse, is certainly a part of our Saint John heritage, constructed back in 1870, but is often overlooked, and not as well maintained in recent years.  I’d like to see it better taken care of, have a fresh coat of paint slapped on it, and used for something other than storage to help spice up the waterfront area, especially during tourist season.

Also, maybe I’m the only one, but I often thought it would be neat if Loyalist Plaza and the beach volley ball area next to it were lit up at night, and turned into small outdoor skating rinks during the winter months.  Something I enjoyed about Fredericton during my time living and studying at university there was the outdoor skating rink they maintained in the heart of their downtown each season.  To me it just seems like a cost efficient way to attract more people to the core of the city during the winter months, while also promoting physical activity.

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