268 – Immerse Yourself in the ‘Saint John’ Story


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I agree, they must be worth at least that.  Take a look at this shot for example.  I could talk about the details of the many decisions and debates that have taken place in ‘city hall,’ pictured in the background.  I could talk about the artistic significance of John Hooper, and his beautifully crafted sculpture ‘Timepiece,’ the top half of which appears in the center of this photograph.  Focus could even shift over to the Irish flag standing in front of City Hall, and this would end up in discussion about 15 000 Irish immigrants arriving in Saint John in 1847, famine stricken and diseased, the quarantine stations and talks of ‘New Ireland.’

New Brunswick’s Virtual Irish Trail – http://www.newirelandnb.ca/NB-Irish-Trail/Irish-New-Brunswick-at-a-glance.html

Saint John Considers New Home For City Hall – http://atlantic.ctvnews.ca/saint-john-considers-new-home-for-city-hall-1.1690085

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