365 – “Been Around the Country and I I I…”

Well it’s been quite the journey and more work than you think documenting that journey for followers of OhCanada365.  I left New Brunswick looking for new opportunities across our great nation of Canada and the rewards were immeasurable.  Within Canada, I came face to face with some of the most beautiful scenes on Earth.  For…

364 – Starry Night

There is NOTHING like stargazing from within Canada’s pristine boreal forest.

363 – Festival d’été de Québec

Did anyone make it to ‘Old Québec’ for the ‘Festival d’été de Québec’ this year?  I am convinced that this is the best music festival in Canada, and there is not a single person that can argue that you don’t get the most bang for your buck here, the most diverse music festival I’ve ever…

362 – From the Highest Tides to the Peaks in the Sky

Only three more photographs remain, and I will have completed two Photo 365 project in the last two years.  The first SaintJohn365 received lots of attention from around the world.  The second, OhCanada365 coincided with Canada 150 celebrations and proved to be even more challenging, only being able to showcase 365 photographs from the millions…

361 – Summer Storms

Who else is absolutely in love with watching the heat lightning shows in the evenings?